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Do not interact with me if you are...
racist, ableist, sexist, homophobic, toxic, or do not respect other people's boundaries. I'm not interested in anything considered or related to NSFW content in my DMs*, and I do not reveal my personal information. *
(*Reporting behavior from bad actors in servers I staff is allowed, where applicable.)*


Name: Kydzs rhymes with 'Hides', & means full-friendship, a synonym of trust πŸ’–Pronouns: Anonymous! I respond to all, although I prefer my name.What you're involved in: Helping live-stream moderation and content creator communities + playing waaaaay to much Splatoon 2/3.Why you're here: I want to continue learning about helping communities and I'm here because somehow the people I helped out supported me back, to which I'm forever grateful πŸ™‚Hobbies and Interests: Watching streams, moderation, playing or making music, figure-skating, skiing, swimming, playing with my dog πŸ•

Discord Simplification Efforts

? If you're here you likely noticed my Discord status or was linked here for an explanation.DSE:Every once and awhile I randomly go through my friends list & servers list on @Discord to keep everything neat. This is likely what I'm doing presently. This should not be taken personally. Just because I do this doesn't mean I'm upset at you or that we can't talk. If I leave your server or remove you from my list and you think this was a mistake, you can contact me! However, I only have a limited number of Servers I can be in and friends I can keep up with. Please respect this. If we talk a lot, it's possible I'll add you back in the future. 🀍

Huge thanks to all these amazing folks!

Artist: OC Design & Illustrations

Artist: OC Design & Illustrations

Designer: Icon & Logo Design

Friend: Moderator & Hobby Artist

Friend: Musician & Content Creator

Friend: Developer

I Have Moderated For:

    *Please note: this list is only partial. Some positions listed are due to third-party outsourcing to these communities in times of need. This means that I was only on their staff for a minimal, specific time due to special events, but that experience in them is still applicable to denote.All of my experience is verifiable. In the event that you wish to know contact people of the communities, please send me a message.FORMAT
    - Person/Group + link to them, where I help them (and whether they are official βœ…, partnered ♾️, or noteworthy ⭐), what position I am helping in, what is their approximate audience size, & the date I started/stopped.
    Lists are organized from newest to oldest per category.

    Descriptions of what I do contain very brief language. β€œMembers” refers to an approximate total audience count. Although many of the duties in each role overlap, generally when I refer to something I mean the following focus:

    Administrator, or 'Admin': Someone entrusted to set up operations for a specific online space. Duties focused on include but are not limited to:- Planning how the community will engage with the space
    - Setting up documentation and procedure for the community to operate
    - Building/setting up the tools needed for the space
    - Executing plans for continued operation/re-evaluation

    Moderator, or 'Mod': Someone entrusted to care for the safety of a specific online space, watching out for the community. Duties focused on include but are not limited to:- Interacting as a community representative
    - Monitoring a specific space for dangers to the community members
    - Removing threats of the community
    - De-escalation/corrective actions of disruptive individuals

    Helper/Ambassador: Someone entrusted to represent an online space. They reflect the standards and feel of how the space works, and are positive examples others can learn from. Duties focused on include but are not limited to:- Interacting as a community representative
    - Helping new people find a place/feel comfortable
    - Giving input on what the server is doing good, but also what it can improve in
    - In some places, hosting events

    β€’ ufollie | On Twitch | Moderator | β‰ˆ 150 Members | Since 12/28/22
    β€’ Splatlands | All Socials | Owner | β‰ˆ 315 Members |
    Since 7/31/22

    β€’ Mike Bliss | On Twitch, Discord, YouTube, ⭐| Community Helper, Live Stream Moderator | β‰ˆ 53.7K Members | β‰ˆ Since 3/10/20
    β€’ HyperBeam | On Discord, Hyperbeam, ⭐ | Community Advisor/Admin |
    Since 11/11/20

    πŸ“Œ Discord | On Discord, βœ…
    - DMP - Discord Moderation Program | 6/18/21 - 12/13/22
    - MMC - Moderation Mentor | 10/15/21 - 1/18/23
    - DMJ - Paid Community Support | 6/30/22 - 10/17/23

    β€’ Columbia Records | On Discord, βœ…
    - Halsey | On Discord, βœ…| Senior Moderator | β‰ˆ 32M Members |
    8/21/23 - 11/25/23
    - Harry Styles, You Are Home | On Discord, βœ…| Moderator | β‰ˆ 14.6M Members | 2/5/23 - 11/25/23
    β€’ r/Nintendo | On Discord | Moderator | β‰ˆ 45.8K Members |
    12/4/22 - 11/25/23
    β€’ Dispatch | On Discord | Owner | β‰ˆ 300 Members |
    4/8/22 - 3/1/23
    β€’ Mario Kart | On Discord, ♾️| Moderator | β‰ˆ 16K Members |
    4/1/22 - 11/25/23

    β€’ Discord Snowsgiving 2021 | On Discord, βœ…| Event Moderator | β‰ˆ 1,200,000 Members | πŸ₯‡ Largest Discord Server of All-Time, 2015-2021
    11/28/21 - 12/14/21
    β€’ TommyInnit | On Discord, βœ…| For Discord | Server Reconstruction, Moderator | β‰ˆ 11.7M Members |
    11/16/21 - 11/20/21
    β€’ Taco Bell | On Discord, βœ…| Admin/Moderator
    - For Discord: 9/29/21 - 2/7/22
    - Personally: 2/7/22 - 7/28/22
    β€’ Bretman Rock | On Discord, βœ…| For Discord | Event Moderator | β‰ˆ 8.87M Members | 8/18/21 - 8/25/21β€’ metafishTV | On Twitch | Moderator | β‰ˆ 1.5K Members | β‰ˆ
    8/14/21 - 7/19/22

    β€’ Jon Olsson | On Discord, βœ…| For Discord | Event Moderator, Setup Team | β‰ˆ 1.54M Followers |
    8/2/21 - 9/10/21
    β€’ PAX EAST | On Discord, βœ…| For Discord | Admin/Setup Team |
    7/2/21 - 7/15/21
    β€’ MKBHD | On Discord, βœ…/♾️| Admin/Moderator | β‰ˆ 17.3M Members
    - For Discord: 6/14/21 - 12/14/21
    - Personally: 2/28/22 - 11/27/23
    β€’ PlayStation | On Discord, ⭐| Moderator | β‰ˆ 100K Members |
    5/3/21 - 10/28/21
    β€’ ChloΓ¨ Mendoza | On Twitch, YouNow, Discord | Admin/Moderator | β‰ˆ 14.4K Members | β‰ˆ
    7/8/19 - 7/31/22
    ...and other unlisted places in admin/moderator capacity with an additional combined membership count of over 359,000+ 🌠

    Main Socials

    ❇️ | Beware of accounts claiming to be me. Only socials or account IDS listed to from here should be considered mine.

    Backup/Name Reserved

    ❇️ | Beware of accounts claiming to be me. Only socials or account IDS listed to from here should be considered mine.

    Kydzs - 812856907432722473

    Splatlands#4662 - 01G8R9ZBQ6QZ7SKF2NA5JMJZ9M

    Kydzs#4521 - 01GJ0NWZ823ZNKZ8E9G8Y9Q66M